About Carnation

Carnation is a rural western Washington community about 35 minutes east of Seattle and is where the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers meet.

The rivers provide a welcome respite from hot days where people come to picnic, mountain bike, meander along the rivers, and camp.

Carnation is in the middle of the Snoqualmie Valley agricultural production district (APD) and is in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the Northwest. It is home to many of the farms you see in Seattle area farmers markets and is a family destination for u-pick berries, pumpkin patches and, Remlinger Farms.

The Snoqualmie river takes its name from the Snoqualmie Tribe that made camp at the confluence of Carnation’s two rivers where salmon was plentiful.  Snoqualmie is a Salish word meaning moon and is pronounced either “sah-KOH-koh” or “Sdob-dwahibbluh.”

Carnation was originally named “Tolt” as you will see on the stone markers at either end of town.  When Carnation Farms was established just northeast of the town center the owners helped to build a school and church.  In a gesture of appreciation the town was renamed “Carnation” for the famous dairy.

Descendants of the Carnation Milk Company have supported Camp Korey a camp for very ill children that is now housed at the historic farm.