About Us


ext 2006 05 20 005Miller’s Mercantile has, as many people describe it, a little bit of everything.  The store borrows a from a century ago as well as from a current, artsy, urban style.  It is in the heart of Snoqualmie Valley in downtown Carnation and hopes to meet the needs of the Carnation community, be of service to the valley as a whole and welcoming to visitors.

We carry toys, kitchen goods, baby gifts, body product and fun, silly stuff, I just like it.  I look for local artists and artisans so you’ll find posters, cards, body product, sometimes jewelry and baby hats that have been made somewhere along the Snoqualmie River.  I also look for innovative people creating things from all over the country.

Then, there’s the retro stuff, I like that too.  We stock fun, unusual items for all ages; some you probably haven’t seen in a long time:  simon, potato head, magic 8 ball, mouse trap, and fisher telephones.  We source as many toys as we can that are made of wood or metal but…there’s is plenty of plastic too.

The kitchen section features styles from the past century:  ceramics, textiles, metal and wood.  We encourage recycling so we have plastic bag dryers, compost buckets and biodegradable bags.  In 2015, we have plans to expand our canning section.  For now, you can get canners, dehydrators and mandolins here.

Miller’s takes its name from Howard and Marion Miller who opened a dry Miller's 1940 more contrast.goods store in 1938 and was known up and down the valley for good quality farming and logging clothing for families